SimsVIP’s The Sims 4 Game Guide

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As often as I’m able to, I will be posting Sims 4 “Mini-Guides” for different portions of the game. My intention is to eventually complete mini-guides on all aspects of the game, and then compile them into one large guide.

I’m not sure how long it will take, or if I will even be able to complete a full guide, but I will try my best.(Please remember I do guides alone)Below is a list of complete guides for the game, and I will add new ones to this list once they are posted.

Cheats & Technical Issues (Solutions)

Cheats, Hot Keys & Controls (List)

Skill Cheats, Relationship Cheats and More

Switching to The Sims 3 Camera

Turning off the In Game Tutorial

How to Install Custom Content

Fixing “Blurry” or “Grainy” Sims

Game Guides & “How-To’s”

How to Unlock Sylvan Glades & Forgotten Grotto (Hidden Lots)

How to get a Cowplant

How to get a Voodoo Doll

Mischief Skill

Mixology Skill

Lifetime Rewards (List)

How to Resurrect a Sim

Woohoo Spots

Cooking Skill & Food Recipe List

How to Make Ambrosia for Your Ghosts

The Sims 4: Grafting Update + Plant Combos

Death and Ghosts

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Gardening Skill & Plant List


The Sims 4 Building Guide

Video Gaming Skill and Tournament Rewards

The Sims 4 Pool Guide

Creating Emotional Memories(NEW)

Emotions Guide(NEW)

Using MoveObjectsOn in The Sims 4(NEW)

Careers Guide(NEW)

The Sims 4 Collectibles List (Complete)

Collectible lists are complete, and collection lists which also includes a guide are marked with a “✓”.


PlantsHerbs, Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables

MySimsMySims Trophies






PrintsMicroscope Prints

Spaceprints30Space Prints


SpaceRocksSpace Rocks

FishFish Types